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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Please stay exactly as I remember you: David Mitchell edition

As part of my diligent efforts to follow the national and international comedy news, I recently ran into a random article in the Brit tabloids which noted that charming British comedic performer David Mitchell had lost a great deal of weight. It caught my eye because at the height of my Peep Show obsession, I really fell for Mitchell. Annoyingly so. My husband grew especially bored of it, but he has learned to adapt.

So here's the odd thing: I took a quick peek at the snap of the new, thinner Mitchell and I find him totally unattractive now. How odd is that? I don't think I've ever previously thought that I preferred someone's appearance when they were actually a bit less angular; but apparently, in this case, I'm not alone. As I started poking about a bit more, I found that the British tabloids and TV forums seemed to be chock full of previously adoring female comedy fans who were bemoaning the loss of the old Mitchell with his fuller and clearly sexier stature.

As Mitchell's Peep Show character Marc would say: "Change isn't always for the best."

Ah, well. Here's hoping he's healthier and happier.

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