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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Bob and David?? Yes, please!!

Bob Odenkirk just posted an update about the sitcom-ish pilot he and David Cross just completed for HBO called "David's Situation". Apparently, it went very, very well -- tremendous energy, awesome audience response. The super sexy duo don't seem thrilled at the idea of pursuing this particular show because they felt that "the sitcom framework really felt like a drag on our energy and sensibility", but the tremendous response has them thinking of continuing to work with HBO to do something that is more "free form."

Free form, huh? Maybe more like -- um -- what was that awesome crazy sketch show from the 90s that I loved? The one that these two guys filmed in that little L.A. cafe? I think they once did a sketch where Jack Black sang the lead in a Jesus Christ Superstar parody. Oh! and then another time everyone sang and ate Hippy Pie -- that was great. Even the ads made me laugh because one time they ran this strange promotion for a cockring warehouse close-out sale . . . oh, darn, it'll come to me . . .

I'm so excited!! If you share my insane joy at this great news, then I suppose that makes all of us "fantastic, amazing, wondrificul comedy nerdles." I couldn't bear a prouder title.

xoxo, Rabbit

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