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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Maron v. Seder EVERY DAY!!

So Marc Maron and Sam Seder re-launched their video podcast program last week with a Big Announcement: They will be posting a new show every day between now and the election! They have also been offered a new show on Air America -- working as a team -- that Maron has promised will included a number of creative humor elements as well as straight political commentary. Maron may even bring back some of his classic team from the late great Morning Sedition!

Through the end of this coming week, however, watch Sam's site for detailed daily Seder v. Maron coverage of the DNC Convention in Denver. (Well, with Seder in Denver and Marc -- of course -- in his kitchen in L.A. It's just like old times! The comedy of daily life mixed with politics served just the way I like it. Plum pudding perfect [minus a few technical challenges, natch]).

Now if only I could convince Keith Olbermann to broadcast Countdown from his kitchen whilst still wearing his pajamas. No? Please?

I am very, very happy. It's like Christmas, Easter, my birthday and election day all rolled into one easy to download delight!!!

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