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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Edinburgh Fringe Festival -- Wish-You-Were-There Coverage

So the Fringe is well underway and you're stuck at home?

No need to fret. There are plenty of great sources for up-to-the-minute coverage and pretend-you-are-on-the-Royal-Mile fun.

Here are are few of my favorites:

Chortle (video updates daily)
The Laughter Track: Provides fairly detailed reports from one or two clubs each night.
Guardian Live at the Gilded Balloon: Comedians, performers and Guardian critics, recorded live every day at the Gilded Balloon.
Daily BBC notes and highlights.

Of course what I would like to see is a daily update on very cool 1st annual "comedy only" section of the fest!

But I haven't found that yet. If you see such a blog or podcast, please send it my way!!

And don't feel too badly about staying home. As ever, many folks think the comedy there is losing its edge anyway.

xoxo, Rabbit

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