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Friday, August 8, 2008

Mike Birbiglia on This American Life

Mike Birbiglia fans are in for a treat -- he will be heard on this weekend's "This American Life" episode (radio, not television) which is entitled "Fear of Sleep."

Birbiglia and Glass together? If you are turned on by smooth, smart, low-key humor, this show may be the sensual highlight of your weekend.

Updated to add: Birbigs did an excellent job telling a story about the challenges he has faced in dealing with a strange sleep disorder that has left him in some very silly, annoying and downright frightening situations. With his own calming Birbiblia style, though, he makes even the dangerous and disturbing seem understandable and entertaining, rather than overwhelming. Every time I hear or see him, his storytelling powers have increased.

If you were at all curious about his upcoming off-Broadway show and tour -- The Sleeping While Standing Tour -- this performance gives you a taste of it. (You really have to hope that he wears the cute pajamas on stage, right?)

You can download the episode for free all this week at the This American Life website. While you are there, feel free to contribute to support one of the finest shows on American radio. Thanks.

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