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Friday, August 29, 2008

Matthews and Olbermann --- the funniest comedy duo on U.S. television

I have been fairly glued to U.S. political news this week -- not only because Rabbits are good citizens, but also because MSNBC currently hosts its coverage with the most humorous comedy duo currently working on U.S. television -- straight man Chris "Tweety Bird" Matthews and master of the political one-liner, Keith Olbermann.

I'm glad to the see that the Daily Show has finally milked this team's amazing evening banter for its full comedic worth:

Bonus Chris Matthews fun: Check out this great story Mike Birbiglia posted recently about Matthews' attempted heckling at a comedy roast. Once again, Tweety ends up as the straight man; but frankly, he deserves it. Who would throw a bottle at anyone as sweet and cuddly as Birbiglia? Unbelievable.

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