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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Planning Your Comedy Pass for Bumbershoot

Okay Puget Sound peeps - just another two weeks til Bumbershoot! With so many comedy shows to catch over three days -- how do you decide? Rabbit can help. Listen up.

The first thing to do each day will be to pick up your Comedy Pass at the Comedy Pass Distribution Booth (northwest corner of Center House) -- 11am sharp. That pass, however, will only get you into one venue for that day -- no stage hopping.

So let's say it's day one and you are starting out with checking the Intiman Theater. When do you want to be there and what don't you want to miss?
My first suggestion would be to catch the joint show put together by Jessi Klein, TJ Miller and Nick Thune.

For those of you who don't know them all, here are some select clips and notes you can use to determine whether they are your cup of tea -- and whether catching their show might be worth waiting on line for hours upon hours in the steamy August sun.

First up: Nick Thune

And then, ladies and gentlemen, TJ Miller:

Note re: Miller: Saw a rumor that he just missed the D.C. Comedy Fest because he is auditioning for SNL. So I suppose there is a small chance that, if he succeeds in said quest, he may not actually visit Seattle. Oh, the excitement and mystery of audition season!

And finally the lovely Jessi Klein.

Nick Thune, TJ Miller and Jessi Klein will be appearing every day at Bumbershoot -- here's the schedule:

Saturday -- 3:45 pm @ Intiman Theater; Sunday -- 5:30 pm @ Intiman; Monday @ 2pm Intiman.

Save a seat for the Rabbit.

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Ron said...

How does one become Internet Famous -1st of two part series on branding oneself to become a World WILD WEB phenom. Mockingly Nick Thune jokes about his Internet origins