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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Maron doing Bumershoot warm up gigs at Comedy Cellar in NYC?

Lots of posts this morning from folks who were lucky enough to catch Marc Maron recently at the Comedy Cellar in NYC where he seems to be prepping some political material -- perhaps to get ready for his Satiristas gig at Bumbershoot; but also, I suspect, just because it's so much fun to do during an election year. (Hopeful rumors also abound that Maron will be doing some Seder v. Maron shows with Sam during the DNC convention. I would *love* that).

Awesome. Labor Day weekend cannot arrive soon enough for me . . . so excited for the festival, and especially for Satiristas.

Edited to add in a fun recent clip from the Maron/Proops Experiment which -- as I have told you many times before -- is a treat. You should never miss a chance to go -- if only to check out what is happening at this point with their increasingly strange middle-aged hair styles. Seriously -- is that a small porcupine above Proops' forehead? Why does it flutter in the non-existent wind?

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