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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Peep Show Contest -- Win Season 1 on Region 1 DVD

Due to an odd set of bizarre gifting circumstances (see clip below to view a similar situation), I now have multiple copies of "Peep Show" Season 1 on Region 1 DVD.

So I thought I would give away the extras to any blog reader with sufficient interest in the show to merit the postage. I have three copies (yes, I know). So, in case more than three of you are game to check it out, I thought I'd make it interesting with a contest.

Answer this extraordinarily simple Britcom question and email your response to And then I will mail the three DVDs to the individual readers I like best. (Just kidding -- first three right answers win. I promise).

Query: The stars of "Peep Show" -- David Mitchell and Robert Webb -- met through the Cambridge University Footlights Dramatic Club. Name the year that club was founded and three other past members.

Told you it was easy. That's because I like you.

Love, Rabbit.

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