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Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Spaced" Region 1 DVD Release and Simon Pegg at Comicon

When did Comicon become the place to be if you are a comedy nerd who never reads comic books?

I haven't read a comic book since age 8, but I'm certainly dreaming that I could be there now. For starters, Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright and Jessica Hynes be will be on hand to discuss and screen episodes from the brilliant and charming 1999 series "Spaced". I adore that series and could watch it over and over again. The script is quick and clever and it manages to be a sweet, warm, timeless friendship story while also remaining a perfect period piece -- a memory of happier times for those of who came of age during the 90s. Above all, it does a wonderful job of exploring how difficult it is to find your creative voice in your youth and how tricky it is to sort out the feelings of love and devotion that seem to sneak up on you without warning when you spend time with someone who just "gets" you. It reminds me a bit of the original Office in its exploration of that latter theme (even though the Office explored it from the view of folks who happen to share an job space rather than individuals who are forced, by economic circumstances, to share a flat). As I think about it, it is an especially impressive feat when you consider how many other shows over time have done a horrifyingly corny job of exploring the "mismatched roomies thrown together in wacky circumstances" meme.

In happier news for those Yank Britcom fans who can't be in San Diego this weekend, "Spaced" was just released in Region 1 DVD! Yippee!! You'll have to buy it, of course, because it has new material that your old copy doesn't have including, as per Amazon, " . . . everything Spaced's fervent following would demand. Each episode is complemented by the original commentaries as well as newly-recorded gabfests that also feature American friends of the show, including Kevin Smith, Patton Oswalt, Quentin Taratinto, Matt Stone, Diablo Cody, and Bill Hader. There are deleted scenes and outtakes, and, best of all, an hour-long 2007 Q&A with Wright and the cast, in which Pegg allows that, had there been a third series (and we can still dream), it would have provided viewers hoping that Tim and Daisy would ultimately get together with "a moment to make every hair of your body stand on end." You will see such a moment if you "skip to the end" of the essential near two-hour series retrospective." Oh, really? When can I see this?!?!?

But loyal fans should def hold on to your original Region 2 copy if you want to maintain your Nerd cred.

Note: Demand was apparently grossly underestimated by Amazon staff as they are already sold out and if you order today you'll have to wait a bit before they can send you a copy. But that only builds the sweet anticipation, doesn't it?

Back to Tim and Daisy dream land.

xoxo, Rabbit

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