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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rain of Madness

Yes -- I know -- three posts in one day. Too much?

Not when you see what I have. How can I pass up a clip that mixes two of my favorite things -- "Apocalypse Now" and Steve Coogan?

You already know that there is a comedy feature due out this summer called "Tropic Thunder" wherein the actors making a big budget war movie become involved in a real life conflict. Frankly, that didn't interest me terribly until I saw that they had gone to the trouble of making a promotional clip for another movie which is supposedly about the making of "Tropic Thunder", but which in style imitates "Heart of Darkness" -- the film about the making of "Apocalypse Now." It's called "Rain of Madness" and here's the trailer:

And why I am not at all surprised to see Coogan featured? Since it is, as with so much his best work, a parody of a send up twice removed. I can't help but love.

So is this an actual separate movie? Here's hoping it's true since I had no interest in seeing "Tropic Thunder", but would definitely see "Rain of Madness". Seems too good to be true, though, so I am betting against.

Which really only makes it funnier.


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