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Monday, July 14, 2008

Music & Comedy Festivals, Pt 3: Sub Pop 20th Anniversary Festival, July 11-13

Sub Pop Records is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year. To celebrate its success, the history of grunge, and, of course, the label's Seattle roots, Sub-Pop hosted an amazing three-day festival here over the weekend. And, in keeping with the growing trend I've been discussing in this blog, the label intertwined the celebration of its top comedy and music acts with great popular success. The festival kicked off with a concert featuring a terrific line-up of Sub-Pop comedy artists at the Moore Theater on Friday night, July 11.

Sub Pop has had its share of success with comedy recordings, but I was still surprised to see them feature this concert as the starting highlight of the weekend-long festival. The concert worked because the label does have a strong line up of comedy artists including David Cross (Sub-Pop released "Shut Up You Fucking Baby!" in 2002 -- first comedy release on the label, for you trivia buffs), Patton Oswalt ("Werewolves and Lollipops" went out on Sub-Pop in 2007) and Eugene Mirman ("En Garde, Society!", Sub-Pop 2006). Todd Barry also performed and Kristen Schaal hosted. (Flight of the Conchords, also signed to Sub Pop, played during the music portion of the festival on Saturday). It was a very fun night. For those who missed out, the good people in Sub-Pop's publicity department have been kind enough to upload a wonderful slideshow of the evening over at Flickr.

P.S. Oh yeah -- then -- over the rest of the weekend -- in Marymoor Park - the festival featured performances by Mudhoney, the Vaselines and Green River. No biggie. It almost seems to perfect to believe, right? Seattle Weekly has the photos to prove it here.

Also: the sun was shining.

I may have dreamt that last bit.

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