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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Please stay exactly as I remember you

Falling in love is easy; staying in love through the years can be tricky. Maybe that's the reason why, while perusing trailers for upcoming summer comedy releases, I've realized that I am forever expecting my favorite funny people to stay in the roles that first made me love them (or at least something along the same lines).

I know it's unfair to these performers and their creative need to express themselves in various voices and stlyes; but somehow I can't stop myself. For instance, I love Steve Coogan and nearly everything he's done; but somehow I can't get excited about "Hamlet 2" solely because he appears in it using an American accent. I greatly admire Ricky Gervais' work to date, but I'm not thrilled about "Ghost Town" just yet because my brain can't fathom the former David Brent as a big-screen leading man.

Am I pathetically shallow and narrow-minded? Wait - don't answer that.

But I would be curious to hear whether anyone else is excited about these few remaining big-name summer releases. You can catch the Ghost Town trailer here.

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