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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Seder v. Maron -- Where are you?

Over the past year, Sam Seder and Marc Maron have been doing a fun and fairly adorable weekly web show. Broadcast jointly from what looks like Sam Seder's basement and Maron's living room (sometimes patio), they discuss subjects ranging from politics to Maron's second divorce (pending and apparently brutal) and why Air America fired both of them (a terrible shame -- no one funny left over there at all now).

It is shaggy (seems to rely too heavily on Maron's laptop webcam) and prone to idiotic technical difficulties as well as oddball rants on the lack of true creativity in our society, but I love it nonetheless. Two wonderful middle-aged comedy talents, seemingly bored and lonely, bitching about the world in the same voice my friends might use -- albeit frequently funnier. I never miss it.

Recently, though, Sam switched over the server for his website (which "hosts" Seder v. Maron) and the show has gone MIA for the past two weeks. I really miss it and am hoping that it will come back soon. In the interim, if you're interested, you can check out re-runs of the show, posted as Video on Demand (VODs) at Sam's website.

Brush yourselves off and get back in the saddle, guys!!

With love, the Rabbit


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