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Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Maximum Amount of Fun Permitted by Law -- MaxFunCon

Picture yourself enjoying the maximum amount of fun permitted by law.

Picture your friends maxing out by your side.

Picture comedy, movies, cooking, chatting, hot tubbing and s'mores by a beautiful alpine lake in southern California.

Picture a small rabbit doing cartwheels of delight through a pastoral field of mountain clover.

All of this and John Hodgman, too?! It's true!

THAT, my dear little snuggums, is MaxFunCon. In my mind, anyway. I haven't actually gone yet; but I've purchased a ticket and my bags are packed. Ten months in advance.

More importantly than all of this: I definitely think YOU should go. So that we can hang out, tell stories and discover new ways to be awesome.

Please join us!

xoxo, The Rabbit.

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