It's all about bouncing back

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Baby Owls and the Rooftop Comedy Festival

By now, you probably realized that if you don't like either cute furry animals or stand up comedy, you're probably in the wrong place. But what about those rare days when I can combine the two? Impossible you say? Watch and be amazed!

While viewing some bits from the Aspen Rooftop Comedy festival over at Punchline, I found this wonderfully simple piece by Matt Braunger about the dangers of baby owls. Sounds silly, but I especially love it because recently two of my favorite hiking trails on the island were *closed* because of attack owls. That's right -- renegade owl attacks made in broad daylight. We have no gang activity here on the island, but apparently it is still possible to get mugged in broad daylight while hiking through the Grand Forest. By an owl. That, alone, stikes me as funny. So I was especially pleased to see a comedian who appreciates the unadvertised dangers of a life lived near birds of prey. Enjoy.