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Sunday, May 18, 2008

MILFs Not a Myth

Have you seen this new survey of young mothers who are getting action on the side? According to this fairly large internet survey (self -reporting, but still a significant sample size, IMHO), more then 34% of mothers with children are having (or recently had) an extramarital affair.

Interesting. Evidently, the figures are skewed in my world because, frankly, if you were to talk to the moms in my neighborhood, workplace, preschool coop and elsewhere, I think you'd quickly find that 34% is waaaaay too low a number. My therapist (not surprisingly -- also the island gossip) would seem to agree.

So seriously -- when did my little small town turn into a John Updike novel? Far be it for me to judge good decent people seeking out a bit of additional warmth, attention and romance in their lives (or, frankly, just some quick action) but it's getting weird out there in suburb-land. More likely, it has always been a bit weird and everyone has just been trying to ignore it.

Which brings me to my real question: why does everyone still act so surprised?

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